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shot through the heart

Name: Kirsty (Kirsten)
Age: 13
Location: Kokomo, Indiana
Who or how did you find this community?

__x_Favourite Things_x__
Music Genre: anything rock, electro pop, some hip-hop
Book Genre: teen novels, romance novels, biographies, mysteries
Film Genre: i just love all movies, a lot of indie though
4+ Bands & Why?: Panic! At the Disco- their lyrics are catchy, songs amazing, just an overall great band to "boogey" to. Fall Out Boy- their music really speaks to me, and whenever I listen to them I just fall in love (corny i know). Led Zepplin- their just a great classic band, with killer guitar. The Smiths- they're amazing, their music makes me sway and fall into this creative dream world.
Sport: definatly soccer.
Food: I love Thai food
Community Member and Why: i don't know anyone in this community!D:

__x_Least Favourite Things_x__
Music Genre:pop, country, rap
Book Genre: slut novels
Film Genre: cheesy sequals
4+ Bands & Why?:Slayer- I can't understand them. Marlyn Manson- he belongs to the Satanic church, that turns me off. Good Charlotte- can we say hypocrits? Simple Plan- all they do is whine about how their life sucks.
Sport: basketball
Website:any porn website
Community Member and why?N/A

Pick 4 things to give your opinions on and do it!
ABORTION: I'm pro-choice, not because I believe in killing babies, but I just don't think its the choice of some conservative man, who has no idea what women go through.
MYSPACE: yes, i have one, but I hate it because its like if you don't get a picture comment or reg. comment you're dissapointed. PLUS, it just seems like a popularity contest.
TRL: it ruins good bands. end of story.
PRES. BUSH: he forces his views on others (ex: gay marriage) when this is supposed to be a "free" country. He is an idiot. He doesn't know how to run a country.

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