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Shot through the heart

Name Adam
Age 14
Location Billingham -_-
Who or how did you find this community? Jen posted a banner in my comment thing.

__x_Favourite Things_x__
Music Genre Rock
Book Genre Adventure
Film Genre Horror
4+ Bands & Why? My Chemical Romance - Amazing songs & lyrics. And they are fucking awesome live.
Funeral For A Friend - I LOVE their album at the moment. Their music = <3
The Used - Bert McCrackens laugh is the best.
Weezer - Kind of different to the other stuff, but it's good different.
Sport Rugby
Food Ice cream
Website Myspazz or
Community Member and Why Jen, because she rocks. And because she's the only one I know =]

__x_Least Favourite Things_x__
Music Genre Rave. It's just noise.
Book Genre Not really a genre, but books about animals bore me.
Film Genre War movies.
4+ Bands & Why? The Darkness - Okay, I'll admit I did like them when they first came out. But now I can't stand them. They annoy me too much.
Green Day - Used to be a big fan. I don't mind when bands make it big, because it's good for them to get more fans and stuff, but they got too big. And 'American Idiot' was a crap album compared to the others. IMO.
Pussycat Dolls - Don't you with your girlfriend was hot like me? No love I wish you would shut up. And I would probably have run away a long time ago if my girlfriend was like you.
Good Charlotte - They annoy me. A lot. And their songs are crap. In my opinion =]
Sport Golf
Food Beans
Website It takes too long to check e-mail. And it deletes messages I don't tell it too.
Community Member and why? I don't know anyone else.

Pick 4 things to give your opinions on and do it!
Bisexxualness I don't think it's right when people say they're bi, then get a load of abuse and people saying 'You're only bi because it's the trend'. If people want to be bi or gay or whatever then they should be able to be without people thinking they're only copying others.
Racism Racism is stupid. People think it's okay to go around calling other races because they dont believe they belong in our country. What a load of bullshit. Different races should be treated equally. Not abused for the colour of their skin.
Smoking I don't smoke. It's my choice. I know lots of people do smoke, and that's their choice. I don't think people should be made to stop smoking. It's their choice to give up.
Homophobia Totally out of order. Life is short. People shouldn't have to hide their true selves just because of what other people do/say. Sexuality isn't something people can control. It's up to them what sexuality they are, and it shouldn't affect other people.

Promote Us In 3 places
If you use promotion communities prepare to die.

Picture Time
Post at least 2 pictures of yourself.

Dodgey hair.

PS. Sorry if some of the opinions don't make sense. I'm reeeally tired, and I did them last.
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