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shot through the heart

Location California
Who or how did you find this community? there was a comment with a promotion in an icon post i did
__x_Favourite Things_x__
Music Genre
erm...iuno..the range is too big
Book Genre i dont like to read
Film Genre comedy?
4+ Bands & Why?
[not in order]
1.Panic! At The Disco - makes me happy when im down
2.Senses Fail - brings memories of friends..+i love the morbid lyrics
3.Motion City Soundtrack - iuno why i love them so much...they are just great
4.UnderOath - GREAT live shows
Sport volleyball
Food gogurts and gummy worms..and nachos
Website eljay yo. word.
Community Member and Why i wouldnt know...
__x_Least Favourite Things_x__
Music Genre
country n pop x_X
Book Genre fanstasy
Film Genre meh...iuno
4+ Bands & Why?
1.Green Day - sold out..its sad
2.Simple Plan - fags
3.Good Charlotte - ^^^
4.(not a band but meh)Avril - annoyingggg
Sport baseball
Food any veggies..iuno im picky
Website i dont have one
Community Member and why? *shrugs*
Pick 4 things to give your opinions on and do it!
politics - i hate em
girls in music - meh..some btoehr me..others dont
90's pop music - LOVE it
race - love is color blind
Promote Us In 3 places If you use promotion communities prepare to die.


                                                                                        Picture Time
                                                                           Post at least 2 pictures of yourself.


i just want everyone to know.. i am sXe.
iuno..just thought i would share a little something else about me... also.. i have a lip ring..um...a i love concerts...and..everyone should add me here and myspace! i like to feel loved!

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