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Shot Through The Heart

Name Sarah.
Age 14.
Location New Jersey.
Who or how did you find this community? __patrick_stump posted by sxescenester

__x_Favourite Things_x__
Music Genre Hmm... punk/ska/"pop punk" [okay that sounds stupid]/dance/electronica/synthcore[pop]/grindcore/hardcore
Book Genre fiction/science fiction/true stories
Film Genre horror/romance/adventure/some musicals/sci-fi?
4+ Bands & Why?
1. The Capricons- they are fun to listen to. They make me want to dance and just forget about everything and be happy.
2. Fall Out Boy- they make me happy. I've liked them for a while. Few years. I get shit for likeing them but their lyrics and sound are amazing. I go to their shows and have a lot of fun.
3. The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza- they are amazing. Funny. I love their name. I like their screamer.
4. The Rocket Summer- I love their sound as well. They are so cool.
5. Just Surrender- I love their lyrics. I love how they sing/scream. It's pretty cool.
I have more but I am sick and can't really think.
Sport Well honestly I am not into sports. But if I had to pick... soccer I suppose.
Food Oh. Sushi! Love that stuff!
Website ... Deviantart because I love art and I love to see how other people do things and their art work.
Community Member and Why I don't know anybody...

__x_Least Favourite Things_x__
Music Genre rap/country
Book Genre Most fiction. Historical fiction.
Film Genre Nothing really...
4+ Bands & Why?
1. Green Day- I know. It's lame. But really. Can I quote Death From Above 1979? "... died out and then come back dressed as Good Charlotte, there is something wrong with them." Enough said.
2. The Locust- I cannot stand them. It sounds weird. But they annoy me to death.
3. Madball- Ughhhh. I listen to them because my brother makes me. It's horrible. I want to shoot myself.
4. Hanson- Uh hello. They died after their first CD came out. They annoy me.
Sport Everything mostly.
Food Hmm... can't really... there isn't much food I hate?
Website Don't really hate websites. Don't like myspace... but I had 5. I used them because I helped people with HTML.
Community Member and why? Don't know any...

Pick 4 things to give your opinions on and do it!
TRL/MTV- ruins good band. Take Fall Out Boy for expample. I have liked them since Evening Out With Your Girlfriend came out. And I have loved them since. Now I go past Hot Topic and see MTV fan girls wiht Fall Out Boy shirts on. They say 'they just love them!' and 'the bass guy is the hottest!' I mean please. They only know "Sugar, We're Going Down Swinging" and "Dance, Dance" they don't know any other songs. Some kids ask me what is Overcast Kids. They don't even know what Clandestine Induestries is. See. MTV just plays a few singles and let kids think that band is their favorite. It ruins bands. end of story.
Sexual Orientation [sorry if things are not spelt correctly...]- See. People think that people who are bi/gay have bad lives. Maybe some do. But not all. My town is a square mile. So some people think if they are too different then they will be like... ran out of town. I'm bi. My friends know. Other kids know. They don't care. They are just like 'whatever...' Also. This family. The kids are all great at running. The one girl is a lesbian. NO ONE CARES. So really people should stop worrying about being 'different' and just not care. I mean, just because this girl likes other girls doesn't mean she is going to hit on you. I can't stand when people think that. I can't stand homophobes. Like my mother. That's why I can't tell her anything. "Homophobia is gay."
Self destruction- it seems kids are just doing it to get noticed. Like they cut and wear short sleeves. Then you ask what it is and they pretend to be all shy about it. Come on. My friend cuts... it's a real problem. But they don't go around wearing shorts and showing off their cuts. They keep it to themselves. I only found out because I found a razor blade in his pocket. But this girl did it at my school. She was telling everyone. She loved the attention. It was so pathetic. Cutting or any self harm is nothing to be proud about. Well to me it isn't.
Race- let's not hate. I'm Korean. I don't really get shit from people. But few people call me rice picker and tell me that I should go pick rice. It's annoying. No one cares. It's just your skin. It has nothing to do with who are you. Black, White, Asian, Hispanic... none of those matter. As long as you are human and have a heart you are okay by me.

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Picture Time
Post at least 2 pictures of yourself.
I'm Korean. I have the Luigi hat on.

Those were from Halloween.

That's my friend Dylan.

Hello ugly face.

That's my friend Doug.

That's my friend Guerin.

Me and Dylan.

That's Henry.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
That is the smalled picture I have ever seen.
I look bad.
But that is my mosy recent hair 'do'?
I just have it all pulled back and the side is just... there.
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