Mitchell (lordomor) wrote in silverxxbullets,

Lol Application

Name Wouldn't you like to know? lawl
Age 87
Location Right behind you!
Who or how did you find this community? Some idiot trolled in a community I am in.

__x_Favourite Things_x__
Music Genre Death, Black, and Satan Metal. IMPALED NAZARENE!!!!
Book Genre Anarchists Cookbook, is that a genre?
Film Genre I will just list favorite, you guys assume genre ok go! American History X is very good movie, I especially love watching that monkey get curbed!
4+ Bands & Why? Children of Bodom, Impaled Nazarene, Cradle of Filth, and Linkin Park. The first three represent my hatred toward the world, and the last one is my hatred toward myself, I listen to it when I cut.
Sport When I was younger I played lots of Rugby.
Food Brains! J/k, those taste awful, the real flavor is in the limbs.
Community Member and Why Que las ti mas!? Is this asking me for a community member? I do not know any yet :(

__x_Least Favourite Things_x__
Music Genre Emo, Indy, Country
Book Genre Anything with too many words
Film Genre Disney movies, they give me a false hope!
4+ Bands & Why? Dashboard Confessionals, The Matches, Cursive, Bright Eyes, pretty much every "emo" band. Why? The better question is why not, for the most part they can't sing, the lyrics are all the same old "BUBUHUHUHU MY LIFE SUCKS *cuts*" kind of stuff, and the instramental bits in some cases are mediocre at best, but made shitty by the awful vocals.
Sport I know hacky sack isn't a sport, but I hate it anyways.
Food Corn on the Cob, I hate that shit getting stuck in my teeth
Community Member and why? slackerbitch, because they are the dumbfuck troll who trolled my community with an advert for this idiotic rating community.

Pick 4 things to give your opinions on and do it!
LJ Rating Communitys: Dumb as hell, they are ALL the same shit. Don't matter what they do to try and hide it, it is always the same, and here I speak from experience. In my time I have been in a handful of them, and it always is the same "lol ur hawt cum sekz me up bebe cum join comunty lol" Or "I didn't like X and Y minor parts of your app, PLEASE SUCK MY COCK AND DIE GTFO OUT."
Racism: I think it's to be expected, if you look at the psychology of people and the structure of the human brain, it is designed to be racist. There is no escaping it, but it can be "reduced." On that note, I will say yea, I am mildly racist, but as said, that is to be expected, and it is my belief that no one can say they aren't at least a little bit racist.
Liberals: I fucking hate naive ass liberals. But unlucky for me I live in the liberal bastion of freedom and hippies lol. Why do I hate liberals? Because they think everything can be solved by just talking and waiting, and we can all just get along. World peace is a pipe dream, it will not happen until every lst person that breathes is snuffed out. That as well has to do with the way humans were intelligently designed (lol that was a good pun!)
Howard Zinn: He is a pompous windbag and an idiot who can't check facts. And also, people (dumbass liberals mostly, from my experience) lap up his bullshit like it's solid gold.

Promote Us In 3 places
I fucking refuse, because of some idiot promoting this community, I came here.

Picture Time

Lol <-- me on left
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