Nomi (princess_nomi) wrote in silverxxbullets,

shot through the heart


<b>Name</b> Nomi
<b>Age</b> 18
<b>Location</b> Northern Ireland
<b>Who or how did you find this community?</b> fckingcute_ somehow led me to it...

<b><u>__x_Favourite Things_x__</u></b>
<b>Music Genre</b> umm... rock? (i can't categorise music, i suck)
<b>Book Genre</b> ummm ones about love, but not stupid old-people love... lol
<b>Film Genre</b> cartoon.... ¬_¬
<b>4+ Bands & Why?</b> From First To Last, My Chemical Romance, Funeral For A Friend, Aiden --- cos i love a good bit of screaming.
<b> Sport</b>none...
<b>Community Member and Why</b> umm... withmyradio_x_

<b><u>__x_Least Favourite Things_x__</u></b>
<b>Music Genre</b>R&B
<b>Book Genre</b>sci-fi
<b>Film Genre</b>horror
<b>4+ Bands & Why?</b>(can i have artists here instead of bands...?) Gwen Stefani, James Blunt, 50 Cent, Britney Spears --- cos none of them actually have any talent.
<b>Sport</b>football. eugh.
<b>Website</b>   it lies!!!
<b>Community Member and why?</b>none...

<b>Pick 4 things to give your opinions on and do it!</b>
<b>♥</b> emo --- has been exploited and isn't what it used to be, but if you hate it, keep it to yourself cos there's no need to be so mean to kids.
<b>♥</b> self harm --- i hate when people assume all kids are doing it for attention.
<b>♥</b> abortion --- is wrong on every count.
<b>♥</b> civil war --- sucks. people who think it will solve countries' problems are wrong. very wrong.

<b><u>Promote Us In 3 places</u></b>
If you use promotion communities prepare to die.

i'm not sure if you can see all these cos some of my friends' journals are Friends Only...

<b><u>Picture Time</u></b>
Post at least 2 pictures of yourself.

me on the right

me on the left... the reason i'm kina sparse on the eye makeup is cos it was my formal and Mom wouldn't let me wear much eyeliner =(

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